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Friends only! Most locked posts are just old stuff though. Mostly, I just really like graphics. Comment away, tell me a little about yourself, and I will add you. I swear I don't bite. If you're inclined, a better to place to follow me would be my tumblr.


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A small introduction: My name is Max, I live where it's hot and dry, and I like to babble, write, and draw. I like good music and food, and I am a college student majoring in psychology. I nerd about sci-fi and supernatural shows, and I love musicals, old school anime, kid's movies, and horror fiction.

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I was reminded that I never made a spam post, so HERE WE GO. Spam whatever, whenever, if you feel like it. Consider it a free-for-all RP, or a confessional box, or a place to ask me whatever you want. Go wild, I don't mind.


Beneath Every Layer of Skin - Master Post


Writer's Name: weareallpuppets
Artist's Name: badbastion
Genres: Horror, Romance, Kind-of-sort-of a case fic.
Rating: Strong R
Wordcount: ~38,000
Pairing(s)/Characters: Sam/Dean/Cas and all variations therein, Bobby/Jody, Inias.
Warnings: HOOBOY Violent and disturbing imagery, drug use, alcohol abuse, self harm, language, references to rape, complications surrounding incest.
Spoiler Warnings (highlight to read): Attempted Suicide, Overdose, (Past) Character Death.
Summary: “– ou have, twenty-two, new messages: Beep. Bobby—kkzzch—help—chh—Cas is—zzzck. End of Message. You have, twenty-three, new messages: Beep. Bobby—please!—kkzz —Leviath—bzzzzzzzzz. End of Message. You have, twenty-four, new messages: Beep. Tzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzch. End of Message. You have, no, new messages.”

Bobby pushes the replay button with a trembling hand.

“You have, no, new messages.” Again. “You have, no, new messages.”

(TO THE POINT): Not quite a Silent Hill AU, but not quite not one. Goes AU mid 7x02, though themes and characters from later on do appear.

A/N: My first big bang. Wow. This has been an experience! And my longest work by far. I enjoyed writing this, even if it made me cry a lot, both in frustration and in that I am a terrible sadistic writer to these characters. Thanks to my beta Kam (no lj) for fixing my grammar mess ups and for catching my logic fails, and to my amazing artist badbastion for providing this story with amazing art, and constantly cheering me on. Without them, this story would never have gotten finished, for I am the worst procrastinator ever.
Art Link: here
Extras! (soundtrack, deleted scenes, porn epilogue, etc): Coming Soon!