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Let us fly up high

To where only the wind can reach us

6 August

Hello! I'm Max or Em or Megan. My journal is about 90% ramble, often fandom or history, but I do occasionally post art and writing as well. I am a college student and I like lots of things. There is much dust on this account.


-Thanks to chinomi for making this for me.

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20th century boys, ace attorney, alice in wonderland, america fuck yeah, anatomy, andrew bird, anglo-spanish wars, anything and everything, beach sand, being fabulous, benedict cumberbatch's cheekbones, blue gender, books, british sitcoms, broadway, california and its failings, castiel, ceramics, civil rights, classical music, clothing, coffee, cold war, cooking, cosplay, crying at movies, culinary delights, cultures, cute family things, cute things, cyborg 009, dexter, dicking around, disney, doctor who, don bluth, drawing, edward elgar, england, english colonies, eureka, facial hair, family, fanart, fanfiction, father ted, femslash, final fantasy, flags, flcl, fluff, foreign languages, foreign music, geography, gibraltar, grimm, growing old together, gurren lagann, half life, hanna, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, hellsing, het, hetalia, higurashi, hinabn, history, hobbits, homestuck, ireland, j.r.r. tolkein, jim henson, junji ito, king of thorns, kingdom hearts, kohta hirano, kurosagi corpse delivery service, left 4 dead, lord of the rings, love and feelings, manly men, maps, medicine, michael crichton, monster, movies, mspadventures, musicals, opera, organs, painting, patrick wolf, pirates, pixar, pluto, politics, porn, portal, princess and the frog, puppets, rainy days, red dead redemption, red dwarf, repo! the genetic opera, roleplay, russia, russian revolution, sailors, sapslock, scarves, scotland, sculpting, sexuality, sherlock, sherlock holmes, slash, sleepy mornings, soul eater, spain, spanish civil war, stephen king, strong female protaganists, studio ghibli, supernatural, symphony of science, tea, team fortress 2, tengen toppa gurren lagann, the elderly, the muppets, theatre, tim burton, toy story, traditional animation, traditional music, turkiye, urasawa naoki, video games, wales, war, warm hands, winston churchill, with great bistro, world war 2, writing, wwii, zombies